The challenge: creating one’s own entertainment… hmm…

Hello! Greetings from the Brunei seaside, where I moved to less than a week ago with my engineer husband as expats. I will be chronicling my / our adventures on my blog. This new life is very different from my old one, where I was an investment banker of almost a decade in exciting London, where working 12 hours a day in a glossy tower in the financial district (aka “The Wharf”) and getting home for an 8.30 dinner counted as a “good” day.

Now we are in a Bruneian seaside hotel with our 7 suitcases, in a town that literally only has a dualplex cinema and a bowling alley as entertainment venues. AWESOME. What can I say we are hanging out a lot in Coffee Bean, which has good internet and the Fox Movie Premium channel on at all times. We are also taking a lot of naps, which is disappointing as I thought I was the queen of beating jet lag. Turns out that I’m only good at getting over jet lag if there are other things to do that prevent me from lying down…

Having said all this, I’m super excited to be back in Asia (I’m Korean, hence the kimchi sagas) as I’ve been away for nearly 20 years and I can “reconnect with my roots” and all that jazz.

As Koreans would say, bravo my life!


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