“Dahling, you simply must join the country club…”

I kid, I kid… it’s not really a “country club”. BUT everyone does seem to be a member of the Panaga Club, which is described as a “social, sports and leisure facility”. Judging by what the Hubs’s parents (who used to work in this region about 20 years ago) and what the Hubs’s colleagues who used to work in Brunei have said, much of the social life seems to revolve around the Club. So we wander over the short distance to check it out.

It looks very well maintained and seems to have a huge range of activities for everyone, adults and kids. It’s right on the beach as well.

Main entrance to the Club

Main entrance to the Club

Entering the Club

Entering the Club


The driving range


Tennis courts


The pool


Poolside restaurant / cafe and notice board

The range of activities is really wide, from knitting / sewing classes to zumba to bridge to an amateur dramatics society and everything in between! After nearly 10 years of sitting at a desk and working very long hours, I’m really looking forward to learning new stuff and being able to participate in group activities. Before my schedule DEFINITELY didn’t allow me to do anything like that. In particular, I’m keen on sports of some kind, not because I’m a massive sports fiend (I don’t think the word sporty would be used to describe me by any of my friends!) but again, after basically sitting at a desk for a decade, things are not as…. tight, let’s say, as they used to be. I recognise that I’m definitely at an age where exercise is needed not only for health reasons but also try and prevent myself from looking like Mr Blobby as much as possible…

So the Hubs and I pick up loads of forms for the various activities but it becomes clear that we can’t do all of them as there aren’t enough hours in the day! We need to work out the ones we want to do the most and pick. I would love to do some touch rugby (something the Hubs and I can do together plus lots of running around that I definitely need!), golf (also something we can do together and an activity that we are enjoying more recently), yoga (it’s good for you), and something arty (I’m the least arty person ever! But would like to try something new). Hope I can cram everything in!


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