A whole new world opens up…

After several weeks of arriving in Brunei we are still living the hotel life. And let me assure you, it is in no way glamorous. I would be lying if I said I’m not slight~~ly sick of eating out every meal and using the bed as a sofa cum laptop desk cum sleeping area. However, a very exciting event has taken place, our air freight has arrived! Our air freight actually arrived in the country only a few days after we did, but it spent about 10 days in customs and then storage for a couple of days whilst the Hubs and I contemplated whether we can wait until we moved into our temporary accommodation… But we were told that we still would need to stay put in the hotel for another 2 weeks or so for us to get our accommodation of choice. So we decided to take delivery of our freight as a lot of our sports kit, such as my yoga mat, rugby boots, and beloved (mostly by the Hubs) golf clubs were included. There was a lot of activity at the Club that we couldn’t participate in as we didn’t have our sports equipment.

We couldn’t remember how much stuff we had packed off as our air freight and we weren’t sure we would have enough room for it in our not-so-big room. So one of the Hubs’ friends kindly agreed to let us store our stuff in her house for a few weeks if we needed the space. The freight arrived without too much drama, got to the hotel when it said it would and 4 men came and stacked our 12 items or so neatly in the room. Although the room is now a bit cramped we didn’t have to take up the Hubs’ friend’s offer. Yay!

Our air freight taking up a  lot of our hotel room...

Our air freight taking up a lot of our hotel room…

One item that I was relieved to take delivery of is my beloved rice cooker. The Hubs always rolls his eyes about this but the rice cooker is one of my favourite possessions as I’m a massive rice lover. I literally don’t think I can live without rice. Plus my rice cooker even sings a little song when it’s finished cooking! So I’m super glad it made it across without getting lost.

Now, where did we pack our tennis racquets?


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