Have yourself a rainy little Christmas~~

Back in London, December means stepping into a cold flat after work and hoping against hope that your boiler doesn’t break down. It means Regent’s Street lights and the stampede that is London Christmas shopping. It means really really short days and mulled wine at office Christmas parties. Well, that’s what it used to mean for me…

This year, it’s a whole different story. This year, I hardly noticed that we were approaching the last month of the year until a few days ago. When it’s perpetually warm with 90% humidity, it’s easy to forget. Also, living in a Muslim country, there are very few traces of Christmas in public places.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this at the supermarket.

Christmas goodies!

Christmas goodies!

More Christmas goodies!

More Christmas goodies!

This is the biggest Christmassy goods sale I have seen in one place so far. AND they were even playing Christmas carols! Now I’m not a Christmas person at all. In fact, I have been known to say things like “I really hate Christmas” in the past. I put it down to the fact that my parents were super pragmatic(?) people and so they never pretended that Santa Claus was real or that Rudolph had a red nose. They simply took my brother and me to Toys R Us and said you can pick out one present each as it is “Christmas” and all the other children in the US (we were living in the US at the time) seem to be getting one. Nowadays, this sort of thing is tantamount to child abuse but this stuff never even registered on Korean minds back in the 80s and 90s. As I became older and outgrew the toy buying, I always felt like I was missing out on something fun that everyone else got to enjoy and so every year I simply wait for Christmas to pass so we can get on to the really fun stuff, like Boxing Day sales! However in a Bruneian supermarket, upon hearing the familiar carols, even I got a little nostalgic. I walked around the supermarket singing softly to myself, hoping no one was following me, as I was definitely giving off some lunatic vibes.

As soon as I had a good look around the Christmas stuff, it started raining. A LOT. Really chucking it down. This week, it has rained every day bar one. December IS supposed to be the wettest month of the year so the outside now looks like this.

Miserable weather - almost like being back in London!

So much rain, it looks like fog…

Although it is a relief getting a break from the heat, it is really miserable outside, so much so it is almost like being back in London! Thankfully, after the rain, we get some spectacular scenes like this.

A lovely double rainbow

A lovely double rainbow

So it’s a rainy run-up to Christmas here. BUT the Hubs and I are going to be travelling to Hong Kong, China and Korea so maybe we will be seeing some snow after all. After two months of tropical weather, I’m not sure I’m ready for sub-zero temperatures again but looking forward to blogging my thoughts about the new (and old) places that I will be visiting!


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